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Brand Therapy has its podcast: Lusso360

Two colleagues and friends united by the passion for the luxury industry. This has been the foundation that lead to the creation of Lusso360 [threesixty].

Arianna Alessio, founder of Double A Luxury, and Trudy Berger, founder of Brand Therapy, are both consultants within the luxury industry with two complimentary spheres of action. The idea of the podcast was born  from the passion for the luxury industry and the desire to communicate with the audience the behind the scenes of this glamorous world that most of the times remain unknown despite being one of the most fascinating part of our job.

Lusso360 is a podcast for companies and entrepreneurs who want to deepen the world of luxury and learn from key players. Episode after episode Arianna and Trudy talk with professionals and colleagues who work in different industries and share how they first approached this sector and how they managed to grow their business to achieve excellence.

Each episode covers a different topic such as fashion, yachting, food & beverage, yachting and many more. Among the guests we can reveal the 2 Michelin-starred Chef Matteo Metullio, the General Manager of The Mall Luxury Outlets Giorgio Motta and the Award-winner yacht designer Alberto Mancini. Stay tuned to know the other guests!

Every Tuesday at 7am a new episode. You can listen to Lusso360 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

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